Do you have a question about the installation of your gauge?

Will my tank be compatible with the FullUpsystem ?

The probe has been designed to be compatible with most tanks. It is to be screwed flush with the tank. Several adapters are supplied with the gauge: 2″, 1″ 1/2 and 1″ 1/4.

For underground tanks, the gauge is not suitable for those that do not have direct access to the tank and do not have a place to screw in the gauge. Go to the "Is my underground tank compatible" section for more information.

Do I need professional help to install the gauge?

No, if your tank has a place to screw in the gauge, no plumber, heating engineer or electrician is required to install the gauge.

However, if welding work is required to adapt your tank, please contact us and we will put you in touch with one of our partners.

Click here to discover how to install the FullUp gauge in video!

Will I be able to monitor my consumption?

Yes, FullUp allows you to know your weekly consumption via the application!

How do I calibrate the gauge to my tank?

When you install the application, you need to enter the specific dimensions of your tank. For users of underground tanks, please refer to the section "How can I install FullUp on my underground tank if I don't know its dimensions".

Click here to see the video.

Does the gauge warn me when my tank level is low?

Yes, via the mobile application you will receive notifications as soon as the level falls below a certain threshold that you set.

Can my oil deliveryman come and deliver oil automatically when my tank is low?

We are already working with a few oil delivery companies who automatically deliver to their customers using FullUp, contact us for more information.

Is my underground tank compatible?

Check that there is a place on the tank where you can screw the probe. The gauge is screwed flush to the tank and cannot be placed on a pipe. If you install the gauge on a pipe, the measurements may be wrong. Here are some pictures where the installation is possible.

The modem receiver should be placed inside the house and at a height above the tank with the antenna pointing towards it. The unobstructed communication between the gauge and the receiver is 150m. Depending on the number of obstacles and the insulation of the house this may vary.

How can I install FullUp on my underground tank if I don't know its dimensions?

It is very simple! All underground tanks are cylindrical, as they are more resistant to stress.

All you have to do is:

1. Place a meter to the bottom of the tank to calculate the diameter

2. Fill in the volume and diameter in the application!

If you don't know the exact volume, a calibration is possible at the next filling!

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