Fullup: the smart gauge for your tank

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  • Allows for real-time monitoring of fill levels, avoiding breakdowns and unnecessary purchases.
  • The easy-to-use app tracks consumption in real time, allows them to better plan their needs and reduce their overall consumption.
  • Requesting quotes from suppliers allows you to find the best prices by comparing offers from different suppliers in one place.

Company presentation : 


Fullup specializes in the supply of connected tank gauges. These gauges enable you to monitor your tank's fill level in real time, to avoid breakdowns due to lack of fuel.

With our easy to use app, you can track your consumption in real time, this can help you save money by avoiding unnecessary purchases and reducing your overall consumption.

In addition, Fullup also allows you to request quotes from suppliers. This allows you to get the best prices for your fuel, by allowing you to compare offers from different suppliers in one place.


Included with the gauge: 


2 inch, 1 1/2 inch and 1 1/4 inch adapters to screw on the tank;

A seal;

A magnet;

The use of the mobile application (free for life).


Technical specifications


The distance from the top of the tank to the liquid is measured by evaluating the transit time of the sound waves. The distance is then converted into volume using the information provided by the customer.


  • Gauge size: 101mm (W) x 93mm (L) x 150mm (H) ±1mm
  • Adapter: 1 1⁄4″, 1 1⁄2″ or 2″
  • Distance: From 25cm to 3.5 meters high
  • Battery: up to 8 years in normal use with a 5-year warranty. The gauge is battery-operated and does not require a power supply.
  • Operating temperatures (gauge): -10°C to +60°C
  • Humidity: 0-80% (be careful, the gauge cannot be flooded for a long period)
  • Communication: Tri-Band GSM/LTE with SIM card min. 5 coverage guaranteed


Find out how to install the FullUp gauge!


How do I install this product?

  1. Visit http://app.fullup.be
  2. Select "Register" and create an account with your email address
  3. Log in to the application
  4. Select "Add a tank" then the GPRS product
  5. Follow the installation instructions in the application to connect the sensor and enter your tank dimensions.
    1. Encode your sensor's unique number
    2. Pass the magnet over the blue dot
    3. Select the shape of your tank
    4. Measure and enter dimensions in your application
  6. It's done! Your sensor will measure your volume and the data will be updated on the app within 24 hours. You can view them on the following pages and by using your email address to log in.
    1. http://app.fullup.be
    2. http://dashboard.fullup.be
    3. Fullup" mobile application available on the app store (iOS) and play store (Android)


Need help? We answer your questions at http://www.fullup.be/faq and support@fullup.be


Do I need an installer?

This product can easily be installed without an installer if the following conditions are met:

  1. The tank does not contain petrol (water, diesel, fuel oil, heating oil or Adblue are ok).
  2. The inspection room is unobstructed and not subject to flooding
  3. The distance to be measured by the sensor is less than 4 metres.
  4. There is a connecting pipe (sleeve) available with a diameter compatible with the product (1 ¼", 1 ½" or 2" BSP).
  5. The sleeve is located more than 10 centimetres from the edge of a wall
  6. The sleeve has no internal grooves or edges.
  7. The sleeve is less than 7 centimetres high
  8. The sleeve is vertical to the liquid
  9. If the tank is double-walled, the distance between the two walls must be less than 10 cm.


Need help? We answer your questions at http://www.fullup.be/faq and support@fullup.be


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