All you need to know

The importance of maintenance on performance

As a company that specialises in optimising fuel consumption, we receive private messages every day from private individuals who wonder why they should maintain their boiler every year.

So, rather than keep these answers 'private', here is a short article that will show you how indispensable it is!

It's good for the environment and... for your wallet

The combustion of fuel oil creates light deposits in your boiler.

By carrying out maintenance every year, the technician cleans your boiler and removes the deposits that form on it. This allows you to obtain a better efficiency (up to 10% more!). A small gesture for the environment, a big gesture for your wallet.

Optimise your interviews

In order to prepare for the heating season, it is advisable to carry out your maintenance in summer or autumn.

Finally, when filling your tank, it is necessary to switch off the boiler. The oil, which is poured into your tank at a high flow rate, will stir up the dross at the bottom of your tank. This will inevitably rise and clog your filter.

Maintaining your boiler is a legal obligation

You may not have known it, but servicing your boiler is a legal requirement for any boiler with an output level between 4 and 400 kilowatts.

In this case, you are required by law to service your boiler once a year.

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